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Collection: Women's Clothing

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It is very important to know what are the necessary care that must be taken to preserve the shine and texture in your handmade clothes to preserve them for a long time.

1.- Hand wash (highly recommended): This will prevent your garment from being damaged by the use of the washing machine and contact with other clothes. You can also wash them delicately with cold water but preferably hand wash.
2.- Do not use bleach: The use of bleach will fade your clothes. We recommend the use of liquid detergents that restore color, neutral soap and fabric softeners.
3.- Do not squeeze: Let your garments dry completely in the sun and avoid squeezing it.
4.- Do not iron at high temperatures: Most of the embroidery is made of cotton and polyester because if you use high temperature it could burn the textile and your garment.
5.- Hang your clothes: Avoid folding your clothes, it will help to reduce wrinkles and folds in the embroidery.